Beyond All Expectations–Australia

Touring Northern India last October I realised a great deal of time was taken up listening to tour guides in depth information, I knew most of which I wouldn’t retain, and could read about at leisure. I decided to hire someone from ‘South India By Car And Driver’ to head from Cochin to north west of Mumbai to the spectacular Ellora & Ajunta Caves. A single female, my family were most alarmed…..and then I met their driver, Ratheesh Kumar. I don’t even know where to begin to best describe his attributes. Firstly, fluent in the 5 major dialects throughout India, a huge advantage, as well as excellent spoken English. Immaculately dressed, superb airconditioned comfort in a late model Toyota. Ratheesh’s paramount concern was always uppermost for my enjoyment and safety throughout the entire trip. Familiar with the locations, Ratheesh was able to suggest other attractions I wasn’t even aware of. Outstanding driver, and great travelling companion. The highest commendation to this company for such excellent care.


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