Kochi Backwaters and Old Town


UNFORGETTABLE ! The peace of the Backwaters followed by the hubble of the Old Town … contrasting beauties of Kochi.

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THIS UNFORGETTABLE EXCURSION IS OFTEN FULL : We strongly recommend that you book well ahead in order to ensure to do this extremely popular excursion with the experts of Shore Excursions India.


Drive to the Backwaters
Backwaters boat trip
Lunch on board
Kochi Old Town
Paradesi Synagogue
Saint Francis Church
Chinese fishing nets
Fish market



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Your driver will take you to Alappuzha, commonly known as Alleppey. On the way you will see some of life in the Kochi area and perceive the famous Backwaters.

You will board your boat near Alleppey for the three hour trip on the Backwaters.


The best and most beautiful backwater- kumarakom.


Your boat will meander through the peaceful Backwaters. It will take you leisurely through the canals, sighting birds and nature, as well as plantations. You will enjoy the surprises of the colourful and friendly village life that you pass along the way. You can relax and enjoy the wonderful sights or capture them on your photographic equipment. Whichever your approach, they will become outstanding memories.

Lunch onboard the Backwaters boat

You will have a typical Backwaters lunch onboard before being taken back to the boat jetty where your driver will be waiting for you.


Again, you will see some of Kerala on your way to Kochi.

It might be possible to stop to witness unusual or unexpected things that might well come up as they sometimes do in Kerala.


You will guided through the sites of Kochi Old Town where you will have time to take in the atmosphere whilst visiting the best places

Kochi is Kerala’s most cosmopolitan city. It is also its main trading centre for spices and seafood. Built around a salt water lagoon of the Arabian Sea, Kochi is in fact a collection of narrow islands and peninsulas. While mainland Eranakulam boasts of concrete shopping malls and glitzy apartment buildings, Mattancherry and Fort Kochi have an old-world charm, with their blend of Dutch, Portuguese and English bungalows and quaint narrow streets. The scenic location of Kochi’s natural harbour, surrounded by palm groves, green fields, inland lakes and backwaters, has enchanted visitors from across the globe for centuries.

*Not available on Friday afternoons and Saturdays or on all Jewish holidays

Spice market near paradesi synagogue mattancherry / car and driverThe best Cochin- Kochi walking tour company /guide / Cochin guides /India guides

Jewtown in Mattancherry is famous for the antique shops all along its sides.  The colonial buildings lining the street add to its old-world charm. Here you can breathe antiquity with curio and antique shops along the street capable of enchanting visitors with their variety and rarity.

The Paradesi Synagogue, in a corner of Jewtown, is more than a hundred years old and houses many rare antiques. The Jewish synagogue was built in 1568, almost 1500 years after the beginning of the Jewish connection with Kerala, on land given by the king of Cochin. It is the oldest in the Commonwealth. In 1662, it was destroyed by the Portuguese and then reconstructed, two years later, by the Dutch.


cochin taxi I kochi by car and driverKochi I Cochin I group of drivers

Originally built in 1503, Saint Francis Church is the oldest European church in India and has great historical significance as a mute witness to the European colonial struggle. The Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama died in Kochi in 1524 when he was on his third visit to India. His body was originally buried in this church, but after fourteen years his remains were removed to Lisbon by his only son. But the tombstone is still in the church.


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The peaceful activities of the harbour include the Chinese fishing nets and the fish market. This world famous area has enchanted visitors for centuries. In this traditional method of fishing, nets are strung from huge curved bamboo and teak poles that are operated from the shore. Legend has it that they were introduced by the Chinese explorer Zheng He in the 14th century.


18th Nov 2023: CELEBRITY  EDGE 7.00 am – 6.00pm
26th Nov 2023 AZAMARA JOURNEY 9.00 am – 6.00pm
07th Dec 2023 SILVER SPIRIT 8.00 am – 6.00pm
07th Dec 2023 CELEBRITY MILLENNIUM  2.00pm
09th Dec 2023 SEVEN SEAS NAVIGATOR  8.00 am – 6.00pm
15th Dec 2023 BOlETTE
15th Dec 2023 SEABOURN ENCORE 8.00 am- 10.00pm
16th Dec 2023  OCEANIA Nautica 8.00 am – 6.00 pm
11th Jan 2024 OCEANIA RIVIERA  10.00am
15th Feb 2024   SILVER MOON Early- evening
16th Feb 2024 CELEBRITY MILLENNIUM 02.00pm
16th March 2024 SILVER WHISPER 8.00am- 6.00pm
20th March 2024 BOREALIS  Early- evening
25th March 2024 VIKING SKY 6.00 am- 4.00pm
28th March 2024 VIKING NEPTUNE Early- evening
30th March 2024 SEVEN SEAS MARINER 9.00am-
14th  April 2024 AZAMARA ONWARD  02.00pm
17th  April 2024 SEVEN SEAS NAVIGATOR 10.00am
23rd April 2024 OCEANIA Nautica 9.00am
04th May 2024 OCEANIA INSIGNIA 10.00am
05th May 2024  ARTANIA 08.00am
06th May 2024 OCEANIA RIVIERA 6.00 am
10th May 2024 AZAMARA JOURNEY 01.00 pm
19th May 2024 SILVER MOON 09.00am
29th Nov 2024 AZAMARA  PURSUIT 8.00 am – 6.00pm
2nd Dec 2024 CELEBRITY MILLENNIUM 02.00pm
08th Dec 2024  SILVER WHISPER 8.00 am
10th Dec 2024 SILVER SPIRIT 8.00 am
10th Dec 2024 CELEBRITY MILLENNIUM 8.00am- 6.00pm
14th Dec 2024 SILVER DAWN Early morning-  Early evening
28th Dec 2024 SEVEN SEAS VOYAGERS 8.00am
 30th Dec 2024  OCEANIA RIVIERA 7.00am- 6.00pm

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Individual bookings now : $105US per person
… and for a single request for 5 or more individual bookings we will give
an additional 5% discount = $99,75US per person

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  • Pick up and drop off near your ship at Kochi Port or at your hotel
  • Fully air conditioned vehicle, recent and in excellent condition
  • English Speaking Professional Guide
  • Boat trip on the Backwaters
  • Lunch onboard the Backwater boat
  • Entrance fees to the selected sites and camera fees where applicable
  • A bottle of water per person in the vehicle


THIS UNFORGETTABLE EXCURSION IS OFTEN FULL : We strongly recommend that you book well ahead in order to ensure to do this popular excursion with the experts of Shore Excursions India.

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