Customised Tours

Our experts really enjoy customising tours for our customers and accompanying them through parts of the marvellous states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka of South India.

South India by Car and Driver provides tours to go anywhere and everywhere in South India for our guests based on their budget, goals and preferences. We take into account the intensity and the pace they visualise and the level of adventure they seek. We ensure their safety and comfort at all times and bring about optimum return for the money they spend and the time they have available.

We are in this business because we enjoy what we do. We enjoy meeting people, hosting and looking after them and showing them some of Incredible India, its beauty, heritage, culture and originality.

We pay attention to guests’ needs and priorities. This begins with discussing freely the options. Our Standard Tours and Enthusiast Tours are often modified to become semi-customised. As a rule, we never recommend places that we have not experienced but we remain totally open to clients’ choices. It is our ardent wish that our guests never have a dull moment within the framework they decide.

The driver who will accompany you throughout your tour will be selected according to his affinity with the goals of the tour. This ensures a maximum contribution to your satisfaction.

Our dedicated staff will be your parteners during all our relations with you, from the planning stage right through to the end of your trip.

We strive to make you happy, and if you are happy, we are happy.

So please contact us.

The importance of the planning stage

Our secret for the success of our Customised Tours is the planning stage. Our experts of touring in South India will work on your initial input and help you design your trip until you are satisfied with it. This is real added value because our experience allows us to understand your objectives and to accordingly recommend places to go, but also places to avoid. Our goal is to achieve the best programme for you.

South India by Car and Driver has set no limits neither to the time we spend on this essential stage nor on the number of emails exchanged. The evolution of your project might require several quotes. Discussions take place by email. We have a policy of replying within 48 hours. It is sometimes useful to have live discussions on Skype.

  • If you start with a detailed plan, we will simply give you our comments and the quote. You can still come back to us to benefit from our hands on knowledge and maybe improve your initial plan.
  • If you are looking for a tour in one or several states, we can provide the outlines and a quote for proven tours. We will then remain available to discuss and adapt the programme if you wish.
  • If you are seeking a theme tour, such as temples, history and culture, nature and wildlife, national parks and safaris, beaches and backwaters, classic sites or a mix of these, or even a flash tour of the essentials, or maybe a mix of these, we will suggest an itinerary and remodel this with you until you are satisfied.
  • If you are have a passion for wildlife, photography, biking or history you might like to build on one of our Enthusiast Tours.

Whatever your objectives, we are sure that the South India by Car and Driver experts can help you develop an excellent and rewarding holiday, the best value for your money. We will look to understand the style in which you wish to cover the programme. For example, some guests like highlight visits, others in-depth discovery, some want a relaxing holiday, others a dynamic waste-no-time trip, some like spending time in restaurants, others doing shopping, on beaches, meeting people, etc.

Please do not hesitate to tell us what you are looking for in your programme, the pace you visualise and the level of adventure you seek.

It is you, our customer, who decides when this stage of planning is completed to your satisfaction. The contract then becomes a straightforward formality.

How to start

It is not necessary to have a detailed plan although some people prefer this. In any event, we will give our advice and a quote completely free of charge.

The first step is to contact us using the form provided no matter how far you are advanced with your plans. You can indicate as much information as you think necessary for us to understand your objectives.

We have a policy of replying within 48 hours.

It’s free with no commitment on your part !

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