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The soul aim of South India by Car and Driver is to satisfy our customers. You can rely on us to do everything possible to achieve this.

Our secret ? South India by Car and Driver has defined, applies and keeps to procedures for each of the five major stages of our relations with our customers. These contribute to achieving the unvarying high quality provided by each of our numerous independent drivers and backoffice employees.

We set out below a summary of our procedures for each of these five stages.
We are all formally committed to the respect of these procedure, and therefore to the respect of our clients.

  • Stage 1. Contacting us

    Receive the initial information from potential customers

    It’s free with no commitment on your part !

    And you will remain free to change your mind right up to the signature of the contract in stage 3.

    This is the first step and if you do not take it, going further will be impossible. So, just contact us at South India by Car and Driver no matter how far you are advanced with your plans.

    The initial contact is best by email using the form on this website.

    You can thus set out the progress that you have already made on your itinerary, the dates, the timing and the type of trip you are thinking of. You might have a detailed itinerary, a general idea of the states you wish to visit or the theme or themes you would like to follow or a recommendation from one of our previous customers.

    It is not necessary to have a detailed plan although some people prefer this. In any event, we will give our advice and a quote completely free of charge.

    We have a policy of replying within 48 hours.

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  • Stage 2. Planning the trip

    Help customers identify the tour itinerary that best meets their aims, budgets and priorities

    The length of the planning stage depends on where you start from. Our experts of touring in South India will work on your initial input and help you design your trip until you are satisfied with it. This is real added value because our experience allows us to understand your objectives and to accordingly recommend places to go. Our goal is to achieve the best programme for you.

    South India by Car and Driver has set no limits neither to the time we spend on this essential stage nor on the number of emails exchanged. The evolution of your project might require several quotes. Discussions take place by email. We have a policy of replying within 48 hours. It is sometimes useful to have live discussions on Skype.
    If you start with a detailed plan, we will simply give you our comments and the quote. You can still come back to us to benefit from our hands on knowledge and maybe improve your initial plan.

    If you are looking for a tour in one or several states, we can provide the outlines and a quote for proven tours. We will then remain available to discuss and adapt the programme if you wish.

    If you are seeking a theme tour, such as temples, history and culture, nature and wildlife, national parks and safaris, beaches and backwaters, classic sites or a mix of these, or even a flash tour of the essentials, we will suggest an itinerary and remodel this with you until you are satisfied.

    Whatever your objectives, we are sure that the South India by Car and Driver experts can help you develop an excellent and rewarding holiday, the best value for your money. We will look to understand the style in which you wish to cover the programme. For example, some guests like highlight visits, others in-depth discovery, some want a relaxing holiday, others a dynamic waste-no- time trip, some like spending time in restaurants, others doing shopping, on beaches, meeting people, etc. Please do not hesitate to tell us what you are looking for in your programme, the pace you visualise and the level of adventure you seek.

    As the planning takes form, we will indicate which driver will be assigned to your trip, but reserve the right to change in case of necessity. Once the driver has been assigned we will consult with him during all exchanges with you to ensure his agreement and commitment towards you. He can thereby imagine your trip and suggest improvements. This avoids misunderstandings, false promises, and when you arrive he will know what you are looking for and why.

    It is you, our customer, who decides when this stage of planning is completed to your satisfaction. The contract prepared in the next stage then becomes a
    straightforward formality.

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  • Stage 3. Contracting the agreed trip

    Prepare and sign with the customer a clear contract based on the agreed itinerary

    Our aim is to have a clear and unambiguous contract with you.

    We will prepare the contract based on the decisions in the planning stage and submit it for your approval, give any explanations you may require and, if necessary, modify it for changes or clarifications. The driver will be kept informed of the contents and of any changes.

    The contract with South India by Car and Driver will specify :

    The itinerary
    The itinerary in detail, day by day with places visited, special events and overnight stops.

    The accommodation and any special bookings
    Details of accommodation that we have booked for you, including the name and town, the type of room and if dinner and/or breakfast is included.
    Details of all special bookings made on your behalf such as trains, Ayurveda, Kalipayat, Kathakali, houseboat cruises, boat trips, safaris, cookery lessons, etc. indicating whether the cost is included in our price or whether you will pay directly on-site.
    Details of certified guides or journey assistants to be provided by us.
    Note : The accommodation and special bookings that you might have decided to book and pay for directly will not be mentioned in the contract as we have no responsibility for these.

    The driver and the car
    The name of the driver together with his references.
    The make, model and photo of the car.
    Note : In the unlikely event of a substitution of the driver or the car dictated by unforeseen circumstances, we reserve the right to make the change and will inform you as soon as possible.

    The price
    The total cost to you for the car and driver of the specified itinerary, including the accommodation and special bookings made on your behalf and the certified guides or journey assistants to be provided by us.
    This amount is payable in Indian Rupees.
    It is final price for the services indicated, including fuel, road and ferry tolls, interstate taxes, parking and taxes.
    It includes the welcome package and the loan of the Indian mobile telephone to facilitate contacts with the driver and for emergencies.
    Note : The driver will arrange his own food and accommodation.

    What is not included in the price
    The costs not included such as any additional service not specified in the contract.
    Entrance fees and site guides are not included.
    Any deviation that you request from the agreed itinerary will be payable to the driver.
    Note : It is customary to give the driver a gratuity at the end of the trip.

    Terms of payment
    For the Car and Driver :
    Details of payment in Indian Rupees : The total amount at signature of the contract by bank transfer,and discussable.
    Details of our cancellation policy : 70% of the bank transfer refunded if cancellation more than 30 days before your specified arrival, 40% between 15 and 30 days and no refund if less than 15 days.
    For the Accommodation and Special Bookings :
    Details of payment in Indian Rupees : 100% of the total amount at signature of the contract by bank transfer.
    Details of the cancellation policy : 70% of the bank transfer refunded if cancellation more than 45 days before your specified arrival, 30% between 30 and 45 days and no refund if less than 15 days.

    © 2015 South India by Car and Driver




  • Stage 4. Accompanying our guests

    Provide reliable and professional service

    You have arrived ! The driver is waiting for you !! Namaste !!!

    You will receive a floral welcome with genuine friendly smiles. He will offer you water and some biscuits and will ensure that you are comfortable before leaving.

    The driver will accompany you by car during the whole of your trip. He knows the itinerary, the visits you have chosen and the priorities you have. Within this framework you are his guest and he will enjoy showing you some of the Incredible India that he loves. His hours are flexible, but must remain reasonable for health and safety reasons. In case of difficulties, he will be available for assistance 24h/24. He will provide you with an Indian mobile telephone to facilitate contact when needed during and after visits and for emergencies.

    He will meet you at the starting point of your tour and leave you at its end. If you arrive by air, he will pick you up/drop you off at the airport at any time of day and night.

    He will drive you in comfort and security along your itinerary which he knows in detail due to his involvement during the planning stage. He also knows your interests and objectives and the style and pace in which you wish to cover the programme. He will discuss this with you to ensure full mutual understanding and any changes you might wish to make. His aim is to make your trip a lifetime memory. Please do not hesitate to communicate openly with him.

    A South India by Car and Driver driver will be happy to discuss with you and answer questions you may have on all subjects within his scope. He is not a tour guide and his primary role is to drive you safely, smoothly and comfortably. However, he has knowledge, experience and enthusiasm that he would enjoy sharing with you. The roles of certified guides and journey assistants you might wish to book are explained separately.

    Upon arrival at each site to be visited the driver will give you general information. He will show you where he will be parked and will take you to the entrance or ticket counter and, if you wish, will help you find a site guide. He is not allowed to enter the sites himself. He will look after your luggage and belongings in the car. When you have finished your visit he will be waiting for you at the predefined place. If necessary, you can contact him on the Indian mobile phone.

    At the end of each day’s programme he will take you to the predefined accommodation and he will be on time in front of your accommodation the following day. The accommodation’s baggage handlers will take charge of your belongings during check-in and return them to the car when you leave.

    When special bookings have been included in the programme, he will drive you there and collect you when you have finished. At your request, he will suggest restaurants for lunch or dinner and take you there and collect you afterwards. He will do likewise, at your request, for shops, markets, artisanal manufacturers, etc. He will never receive commission from places he takes you to.

    The car will be maintained in excellent condition, properly serviced, with good tyres. As a rule, the driver will clean the car inside and out at least every other day. The car is his lively-hood and he maintains its reliability at all times.

    Note : A last and very important point about your driver. He has the qualifications and experience to perform his job. He is licensed to carry tourists, which includes issues of moral behaviour and requires the absence of a criminal record and an accident record. He has signed the South India by Car and Driver Defensive Driving Charter, based on a concept initiated in the USA, extended to include customer comfort and security and personal ethics. This, in addition to agreeing to respect our procedures and policies.

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  • Stage 5. Monitoring your satisfaction

    Measure customer satisfaction during and at the end of the trip

    Your satisfaction is the best publicity we can have for attracting new customers. If you are happy, we are happy.

    During your trip, a member of South India by Car and Driver, usually the person with whom you planned your trip, will call you regularly to find out if you are satisfied. You can also call this person on the mobile telephone provided. Of course, do not hesitate to discuss issues with the driver without waiting for the call. Above all, do not leave any points of non-satisfaction unsaid as they can generally be sorted out quite easily.

    At the end of your trip, the driver will ask you to complete a questionnaire and return it to him in the envelope provided. You can be sure that we will treasure your evaluations as they will enable us to sustain our engagement for a high level of performance.

    When you get back home, we hope that you will find time to evaluate South India by Car and Driver on the specialised websites, such as Tripadvisor, as this is often crucial for us to receive the initial contact with potential customers.

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